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Relaxmart is an Affiliate Marketing Product built on scalable and robust framework which will be available to other industries soon. Designed and Developed by Relaxplzz Technologies, Relaxmart will drive your E-commerce products to wide range customers. This caters basic operations like Product Share, Market Share, Product Management along with Estimate, Order and Invoice Generation.

Relaxmart is an Affiliate Marketing Product that allows all Ecommerce Platforms to use a system of integrated applications to manage their products in multiple ecommerce platforms and product offers in a single united platform with a backend support. The solution makes multiple users with multiple ecommerce platforms to build a eco-system for product and offer reach.


Product Share

Ecommerce platforms can share their products to get a wider audience reach.

Market Share

Brands and Products can get a Market share using Relaxmart with ease to use platform.

Revenue Generation

Customers can work remotely through our cloud solution and make revenue profit.


Starting with Product share creation stages are automated with backend process.